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Engineers Week: Why Did You Choose an AEC Career?

For Engineers Week (February 20-26) we asked Tighe & Bond staff why they chose to join the AEC industry. We recognize this annual celebration in order to spread the word about what engineers do to make our world a better place and encourage the next generation to pursue future STEM careers.

“It was the allure of having the opportunity to work on systems that went into hospitals, schools, laboratories, and airports that affect our quality of life. I wanted to make a positive impact and help advance our society, one building at a time.” – Mike Rossini, PE, Principle Electrical Engineer


“I wanted to work on projects that would make a positive change with regard to human impact on the natural environment.” – Jennifer Miller, PE, Senior Project Manager



“I chose to pursue this because of the multiple disciplines within the industry. It is a career that allows me to continually learn and always be engaged by working on projects that are most always different.” – Jessica Winston, CESSWI, Staff Engineer


“During my time in the military I traveled to places in the world that lacked infrastructure and I saw how that lack of basic necessities created a poor quality of life. That inspired me to get involved in engineering.” – Anthony Saucier, Staff Engineer