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2024 NEWEA Annual Conference

Join our staff at the New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) Annual Conference & Exhibit from January 21-24 at the Marriott Copley Place in Boston, MA. Below is a list of the speaking engagements our engineers are participating in.

Monday, January 21st, 8:30 – 10:30 AM

Technical Session #3 –Collection Systems 1: Pump up the Waste [Link]

What’s Not Resiliency? How Diverse and Creative Approaches Improved Pump Station Resiliency in Edgartown, MA

Samuel Taugher & Austin Weidner – Tighe & Bond

Several pump station upgrades completed in Edgartown, MA, showcase the various forms resiliency can take. This presentation reviews these case studies to show the diversity of resiliency solutions that were incorporated into the designs. Not only are these solutions resilient but they demonstrate sustainable design in that they reduce the potential for failures that would impact the environment, limit social impacts by masking infrastructure into the neighborhood aesthetic, and provide an economic investment to reduce operator labor and downtime impacts to the downtown district.


Monday, January 21st, 2 – 4:30 PM

Technical Session #7 – Government Affairs 2: Regulatory Roundtable [Link]


Adam Yanulis – Tighe & Bond
Ivonne Hall – CTDEEP
Jeff McBurnie – Casella Resource Solutions
Joseph Haberek – RIDEM
Kathleen Baskin – MADEP
Amy Polaczyk – VTDEC
Tracy Wood – NHDES

There are many challenges facing the six states that make up the New England region. The intention of the Regulatory Roundtable Session is to allow for discussion of common issues/solutions and to facilitate the exchange of information.


Technical Session #8 – DEI: Strengthening Your Company Culture, Mindset and Project Success Through Effective Equitable Practices and Social Vulnerability Tools [Link]


Jess Locke – Tighe & Bond


Wednesday, January 23rd, 8:30 – 11:30AM

Technical Session #27 – Plant Operations 4: Process Intensification & Optimization [Link]

Granular Activated Sludge on a Small Site to Upgrade Saco’s WRRF For 50% Growth, Sea Level Rise, CSO Reduction, and Nitrogen Removal

Frederick Mueller & Kyle Coolidge – Tighe & Bond

We will review the upgrade of the City of Saco, ME’s Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) to accommodate a 50% increase in flows and loads while addressing future nitrogen limits, rising sea levels, and reducing the frequency and volume of combined sewer overflows (CSOs). We will discuss the current status of the design including how Granular Activated Sludge (the first in New England) will reduce the footprint of the treatment process and allow for the maintenance of plant operations during construction on a tight site.


Wednesday, January 23rd, 1 – 3 PM

Technical Session #32 – Plant Operations 5: Biological Nutrient Removal Unconventional Upgrades [Link]

Wash, Rinse and Repeat?
Considerations for a Challenging Aeration Tank Rehabilitation

Erin Moore – Tighe & Bond
Mara Kilburn – The Precision Group
Tom Frankel – SSI Aeration

Aeration tank upgrades happen all the time. New membrane diffusers, more efficient blowers, some instrumentation & control upgrades and – voila! – we are good to go. But not all upgrades are so simple. When the City of Kingston, NY received new SPDES permit ammonia limits, they needed to modify their plant aeration tank to not only address the new ammonia limits, but also stop the cycle of process design for peak conditions, that left much to be desired during average flows as typical at many CSO communities. This presentation will discuss evaluation of side stream versus main stream ammonia treatment, blower sizing to avoid inadequate turn down and required improvements to the aeration tank itself including flexibility to address high flows during precipitation events and concrete repair using a polyurea coating system.


Technical Session #36 – Sustainability: Harnessing the Triple Bottom Line for Water and Wastewater Operations [Link]


Wayne Bates – Tighe & Bond


Technical Session #37 – Asset Management [Link]

Replace, Renew, Sustain:
Asset Management Case Studies in Maximizing LoS

Daniel Roop & Trisha Worthington – Tighe & Bond
Valerie Flaherty – North Attleboro Wastewater

Many communities are using asset management plans (AMPs) to help make risk-based capital improvement project decisions. Budget constraints often make implementation of an AMP’s priority recommendations difficult.

This session will provide case studies from multiple wastewater treatment facilities that are thinking creatively on ways to renew existing critical assets to help manage their process through the Biosolids crisis, achieving level of service goals and maximizing available funds.

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