Vesna Maneva, RLA, LEED AP

Principal Landscape Architect

Vesna Maneva is a Principal Landscape Architect with over two decades of experience in the planning and design of sustainable sites and vibrant urban environments. Applying her unique combination of professional training in architecture, landscape architecture, and planning, Vesna has contributed to a diverse array of projects including academic and landscape master plans, commercial and institutional site design, multi-modal streetscapes, and parks and urban spaces. She is well versed in conceptual planning and design, which is complemented by her exceptional technical skills in refining and implementing design ideas, and outstanding writing and report production capabilities.

She currently manages several transformative projects, which include Master Plan for the DCR Herter Park, a popular and heavily programmed park in Boston’s Charles River Reservation; and the Master Plan Update for Lewiston, ME Riverfront Island, a historic waterfront mill district.  As one of Halvorson’s cemetery sector leads, Vesna has also contributed to the firm’s renowned work in planning and design for historic cemeteries, including Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA, and Mount Hope in Rochester, NY.

Vesna serves on the Conservation Commission for the Town of Westwood, MA and is a registered landscape architect in Massachusetts. Recently, she has presented at the 2021 Crew Boston Miami Exchange, the 2021 NESEA, 2020 ABX, and at the 2019 NECA Conferences.

Life Outside of Work

Gardening is one of Vesna’s passions: she enjoys transforming her backyard into a native meadow and woodland garden, while also growing a variety of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. She also enjoys cooking delicious food and visiting beautiful places alongside her daughter and husband.