Tracey Barrett

Client Sector Leader, Institutional

“I am dedicated to building meaningful relationships with our clients and strategic partners in the academic, healthcare, and cultural spaces to help clients deliver and realize successful project outcomes.”

Tracey Barrett is a Vice President and Institutional Client Sector Leader at Tighe & Bond. In this role, she leads the business development for academic, healthcare, and cultural markets.

Tracey applies her 20+ years of leadership experience working in the professional services industry. She has a proven track record of value creation helping clients navigate strategically on staying ahead of change and thriving in challenging business environments. She believes in building trust and communication and connects with both internal and external stakeholders to understand joint needs and creates strong partnerships to catalyze growth and deliver financial results. Tracey skillfully combines her attention to detail, the voice of the client, and market insights to successfully build offerings that better fit client needs.

Her business development experience includes brand development, mergers and acquisition, and business strategy.

Life Outside of Work

Outside of work, Tracey and her family are avid skiers and enjoy winters in Vermont and summers on the shoreline.