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Compliance Specialist Joe Mastrangelo Certified as UST A/B Operator in Connecticut

Project Compliance Specialist Joe Mastrangelo is now a certified Underground Storage Tank (UST) A/B Operator and can assist clients by completing UST inspections in Connecticut.

Owners of regulated active underground storage tank systems are required to designate at least one Class A, one Class B, and one Class C operator for each active UST system. Class A operators focus on the statutory and regulatory requirements related to operating and maintaining the UST system; Class B operators are responsible for field implementation of the applicable UST system requirements and day-to-day aspects of operating, maintaining, and recordkeeping for UST systems; and Class C operators are usually on-site staff who report to A/B Operators.

Joe has nearly a decade of experience working on UST-related projects; developing Spill Response Plans for commercial, industrial, and municipal facilities, completing tank closure and installation notifications, and leading training courses on the federal, state, and local requirements of related topics.  With his A/B Operator Certification, Joe is now part of a team of professionals at Tighe & Bond who are UST compliance experts in Massachusetts and Connecticut. These A/B UST Operators provide monthly and annual compliance inspections and recordkeeping for USTs while developing UST facility procedures. Our Operators guide Class C Operators with on-site training and are available for immediate response to spills/releases, emergencies, or equipment failure.

Joe has been a specialist in compliance throughout his career, educating and guiding clients through regulatory compliance and certifications for a wide variety of projects and facilities that impact communities throughout Connecticut. His experience with the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (CTDEEP) stormwater and wastewater permitting as well as federal spill compliance regulations provide his clients with resources to stay up to date on changes that impact their operations as well as address and improve business practices.

Find out more about available training programs from our experts including Tighe & Bond’s live online course for UST Operator Training.