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2023 NEWEA Annual Conference

Join our staff at the New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) Annual Conference & Exhibit from January 22-25. Below is a list of the speaking engagements our engineers are participating in.

Tuesday, January 24th, 8:30–11:00 AM

Session 18 Sustainability: Closing in on a Circular Economy

Wayne Bates – Tighe & Bond
Miles Moffatt – Tighe & Bond

Wayne and Miles will kick off 4 sustainability-focused presentations during this session. Presentations will address topics like the advancement of chitosan biochemistry solutions, improvement of the sustainability of Dover, NH’s MS4 compliance program, and case studies outlining how utilities are implementing GHG and energy data analytics tools.

Wednesday, January 25th, 8:30–11:00 AM

Technical Session 27 Plant Operations 4: Pushing the Limits of N & P Removal

Challenges in Upgrading One of the Last Municipal Powdered Activated Carbon/Wet Air Oxidation Plants in the U.S to Achieve Low-Level Nutrient Removal

Frederick Mueller & Paul Moran – Tighe & Bond, Rob Grasis – Town of Vernon, CT

This presentation will discuss the progress made over the last 3.5+ years (with a global pandemic and supply chain disruptions) and challenges overcome as the Vernon CT WPCF transitioned from a single-stage powdered activated carbon-based activated sludge process desired to remove color and ammonia to a 5-stage Bardenpho process with IFAS designed for low-level nutrient removal.

Technical Session 29: Small Community

Ian Catlow – Tighe & Bond
Andrea Braga – Jacobs

The Messy Economics of Septage Treatment

Austin Weidner – Tighe & Bond

This presentation explores the economics of treating septage at three POTWs throughout Massachusetts. Septage treatment can be a challenge given its variability and oftentimes utilities may overlook the hidden operating costs of treating it. However, as demonstrated in these case studies, once the actual costs of septage treatment are understood, local utilities can make more informed decisions around setting prices and improving their operations for receiving and treating septage.

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