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Sustained growth has allowed Tighe & Bond to attract the most talented professionals in the field, individuals that are committed to staying abreast of industry improvements and cutting-edge technology.  We have compiled a variety of technical papers authored by our staff to promote new ideas, approaches and best practices. Come back often to view the abstracts or obtain copies of our most recent publications.


Evolution of Water Storage Tanks
Author(s):Peter J. Grabowski, P.E.; Elizabeth G. Baldwin, P.E.
Publication(s):Journal NEWWA - March 2016
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How Little Parking is Just Right? Right Sizing Parking for Your Urban Development
Author(s):Craig Yannes, P.E., PTOE
Publication(s):New England Real Estate Journal, Jan. 22-28, 2016
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Biological Iron and Manganese Treatment: 5 Years of Operating Experience in Cavendish VT
Author(s):John N. McClellan, Ph.D., P.E.
Publication(s):Journal NEWWA December 2015
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Conditions Assessments - The Backbone to Asset Management
Author(s):Peter J. Grabowski, P.E. & Peter M. Valinski, P.E.
Publication(s):Journal of the New Hampshire Water Works Association, Winter 2014
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Avoid the False Positive: Sampling Strategies for Compliance with the Revised Total Coliform Rule
Author(s):Darleen P. Buttrick, P.E. & Tom Barger
Publication(s):InFlow-Line, Summer 2015
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The Importance of Chemical Resistant Coatings for Chemcial Containment Areas
Author(s):Peter J. Grabowski, P.E. & Darleen P. Buttrrick, P.E.
Publication(s):Inflow-Line, Winter 2014/2015
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A City at the Crossroads - Chicopee Integrated Planning
Author(s):Tiffany T. Labie, P.E., CDT, & Thomas Hamel
Publication(s):Journal of the New England Water Environment Association, Volume 48 No. 1, Spring 2014
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Conditions Assessments - The Backbone to Asset Management
Author(s):Peter J. Grabowski, P.E. & Peter B. Galant, P.E.
Publication(s):Inflow-Line, Autumn 2013
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Aquifer Vulnerability and Fire Flow Impact: A Proactive Approach to Protecting Environmental Resources
Author(s):Gabrielle C. Belfit & Michael J. Schrader, P.E.
Publication(s):NHDES Drinking Water & Groundwater Bureaus Newsletter, Fall 2012
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Pilot Testing and Design of the First Cloth Media Filtration System to Meet an Effluent Total Phosphorus Permit Limit of 0.1 mg/L
Author(s):Nicholas Tooker, P.E. & Susan Guswa, P.E.
Publication(s):WEFTEC 2012
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Background Fluorescence Analysis (BFA) and Fluorescent Dye-Tracing (FDT) Used in Evaluating the Impacts of a Dry-Cleaning Facility in a Fractured-Bedrock Setting
Author(s):Kenneth J. Gendron
Publication(s):Eighth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds
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Performance of a Pilot-Scale Packed Bed Reactor
Author(s):Amber R. Boles
Publication(s):Biotechnology and Bioengineering
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CAWPCA - 2011 Management Compensation Survey
Author(s):Frederick Mueller, P.E.
Publication(s):CAWPCA Fall Workshop
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Process Safety: It’s Rocket Science, but it Doesn’t Take a Rocket Scientist
Author(s):Adam K. Lomartire, CSP
Publication(s):National American Society of Safety Engineers Conference and Expo – “Safety 2011" in Chicago, IL
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Modern Roundabouts in Connecticut: An Evaluation of Real World Operation versus Common Macroscopic and Microscopic Models
Author(s):Wong, Eric.
Publication(s):New England Chronicle, May 2011, Volume 51, Issue 2
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Pilot Testing for Low-Level Phosphorus Challenges
Author(s):Tooker, N., S. Guswa, J. Horton, M. Hastings, and C. Devalk
Publication(s):WEFTEC Conference Proceedings, New Orleans, LA, October 2010
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Performance of Nitrogen-Removing Bioretention Systems for Control of Agricultural Runoff
Author(s):Ergas, S.J., S. Sengupta, R. Siegel, Y. Yao, A. Pandit, X. Yuan
Publication(s):J. Environmental Engineering-ASCE, October 2010 pp 1105 - 1112
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Design Considerations for Large-Scale Sewer Separation
Author(s):Brown, T.M. and D.J. Partridge
Publication(s):Conference Proceedings, Collection Systems 2010, Phoenix, AZ, June 13-16, 2010. pp 45-52
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The Ice Storm of 2008 and Emergency Response Coordination Throughout Western and Central Massachusetts
Author(s):Gendron, K.J.
Publication(s):Proceeding from the 25th Annual Conference on Contaminated Soils, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, 2010
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Remediation of a Hexavalent Chromium Release to Groundwater Using Ion-Specific Resins
Author(s):Milkey, N.E.
Publication(s):Proceedings of the International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy, Vol. 15. 2010
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Tank Talk: Underground Storage Tanks in Real Estate Transactions
Author(s):Roberts, G.M. and Horowitz, D.P.
Publication(s):The Newsletter of the Real Estate Bar Association for Massachusetts; Winter 2010
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Obtaining Access – Sometimes the Most Difficult Part of Brownfields Assessment
Author(s):Milkey, N.E.
Publication(s):National Brownfields Conference, New Orleans, LA. November 2009
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Hydraulic Criticality in a Water Network Rehabilitation Plan
Author(s):Vanrenterghem, A., E. Bernard, P. Galant
Publication(s):Proceedings from 2009 Leading Edge Conference On Strategic Asset Management (LESAM), November 2009
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Sustaining Siphons Subsequent to Sewer Separation
Author(s):Brown, T.M. and D.J. Partridge
Publication(s):Conference Proceedings, 82nd Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference, Orlando, FL, October 10-14, 2009. pp 7528 – 7536
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Ballasted Biological Treatment Process Removes Nutrients & Doubles Plant Capacity
Author(s):Catlow, I.B. and S.E. Woodard
Publication(s):WEFTEC, October 2009. Orlando, FL
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Operation and Performance of East Greenwich, RI Nitrogen Removal Filtration System to Achieve 5 mg/L
Author(s):Baldwin, E. G., and M. Pacillo
Publication(s):Conference Proceedings, 82nd Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference, Orlando, FL, October 2009, pp 862 -871
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Shelburne Falls WWTF Reed Bed System for Sludge Treatment
Author(s):Fleuriel, D. and N. Tooker
Publication(s):The NEWEA Journal, Vol. 43, No. 2, Summer 2009
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Vapor Intrusion and What It Could Mean for Your Real Estate Deal
Author(s):Arps, J. L.
Publication(s):REBA News, Spring 2009
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Impacts of in-stream exposure to episodic acidification on survival and physiological impairment of Atlantic salmon smolts
Author(s):McCormick, S.D., A. Keyes, K.H. Nislow, M. Monette
Publication(s):Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 66(3): 394–403, 2009
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PCB and Heavy Metal Soil Remediation, Former Boat Yard, South Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Author(s):Martin, M. E., M. J. Richards
Publication(s):International Journal of Soil, Sediment and Water, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2009
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Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility, Modeling of the Biological Nitrogen Removal Using BioWin Software
Author(s):Ducharme, R.J.
Publication(s):New England Water Environment Association, Fall/Winter 2008
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Hazardous Waste Regulations for Health Care Facilities in Massachusetts
Author(s):Milkey, N.E.
Publication(s):Healthcare Ledger, May 2008
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Improving Fish Passage and Stream Flow on the Swift River - One Project at a Time
Author(s):Beaulieu, P.G.
Publication(s):River Management Society News, Volume 21, No. 1, Spring 2008
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Implementing Residuals Management: Cost Implications for Coagulation and Softening Plants
Author(s):Malmrose, P.E., D. Roth, D. Cornwell, J. Russell, M. Gross, and L. Wancho
Publication(s):Journal of the American Water Works Association, March 2008
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Understanding PCB Regulations when Performing Building Demolition
Author(s):Richards, M.J.
Publication(s):Northeast Industrial Development Resource Guide, 2008-2009
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