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Tips and Tricks for Establishing A Thrifty Culvert Management Program

Example condition of a corrugated metal pipe culvert. Photo originally published by NEWEA.

Abstract: Knowing that a few structures were approaching the end of their design life, the Town of Sudbury initiated an innovative program to comprehensively evaluate more than 150 culverts and bridges. The Town developed a crossing asset management program with the goal of prioritizing maintenance, repair, and replacement needs to proactively manage this infrastructure and coordinate with planned roadway and utility work. This article discusses the Town’s approach to cost-effectively map, inventory, and inspect culverts as well as develop a risk-based prioritization to prepare a capital improvement plan and a maintenance and management plan.

Authors: Daniel Nason, Department of Public Works, William O’Rourke, PE, Department of Public Works, Janet Moona, PE, Tighe & Bond, Eric Ohanian, PE, Tighe & Bond

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