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World Water Day: What Does Water Mean to You?

Founded over 25 years ago, World Water Day brings to light a conversation about the importance of reliable water services and how access to water affects people’s daily lives. As the United Nations Water organization leads the charge on this important conversation, they are asking everyone to raise awareness of this issue by joining in the conversation of what water means to you. Our engineers shared their thoughts on the value of water and you can join in the conversation by using the hashtag #Water2me on social media.

“Water has such an enormous value for our communities and it’s our responsibility as engineers to make sure that we elevate societal recognition of water issues and work together to manage it more efficiently.” – Evelyn Ramos, Project Manager

“As climate change compounds both the destructive force of water and the risks clean water resources face it is typically the most vulnerable parts of society that face the bulk of the consequences. It is more important now than ever to come up with engineering solutions to promote environmental justice in a quickly changing world. I’m amazed every day that I get to play a role in those solutions.” – Samantha Nyser, Staff Engineer