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Town of East Lyme Holds Water Treatment Plant Ribbon Cutting

Pictured from left to right: Paul Formica – State Senator, Joe Mingo – East Lyme Water Commissioner, Holly Cheeseman – State Representative, Jeff Towle – Vice President R.H. White, Joe Bragaw – East Lyme Director of Public Works, Mark Alfieri – East Lyme Chief Drinking Water Operator, Ben North – East Lyme Utilities Engineer, Cam Walden – State DPH, Mark Nickerson – East Lyme First Selectman, Brad Kargl (ribbon cutter) – East Lyme Utilities Engineer (Retired), Raul Tejada – State DPH, Matt Garneau – East Lyme Assistant Utilities Engineer, Al Wells – Tighe & Bond Sr. Project Manager.

Tighe & Bond participated in the Town of East Lyme, Connecticut’s ribbon-cutting ceremony for their Well 1A and 6 Water Treatment Plant.

When the results of laboratory analyses of the groundwater from Wells 1A and 2A indicated high levels of iron and manganese at Well 1A and high levels of manganese at Well 2A, the Town of East Lyme engaged Tighe & Bond to complete a treatment system study to evaluate improvements to their wells to meet the growing water demand.

The project began with a review of the data provided by the Town, an inspection of the facilities, and the identification of site constraints for the transmission mains, treatment sites, and well sites. Tighe & Bond then developed several alternatives for Well 1A and Well 2A including GIS mapping based on available data and developed non-cost evaluation criteria for consideration. Tighe & Bond also conducted pilot testing of greensand plus media for iron and manganese removal. These efforts resulted in the selection of a recommended plan for each well. Tighe & Bond prepared a report summarizing the study to provide a basis of design for the recommended plan.

The newly upgraded water treatment plant, designed by Tighe & Bond, has a capacity of 1.5 million gallons per day and includes a building addition with new greensand filters and chemical treatment systems for the removal of iron and manganese, disinfection, and fluoridation.  Mark Nickerson, East Lyme’s First Selectman and Chairman of the Water Commission, stated the ribbon-cutting ceremony represented a “momentous occasion celebrating the completion of this historic project.”