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Tighe & Bond Named Grand Award Winner for ACEC/CT Engineering Excellence Awards

Great Hill pipeline traverses from the Lake Gaillard reservoir up to Great Hill and through the Tilcon Quarry

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Connecticut (ACEC/CT) named Tighe & Bond the Grand Award Winner during their recent 2020 Engineering Excellence Awards ceremony. Tighe & Bond received the award for their response to one of the largest and most critical emergency projects for South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) in New Haven, Connecticut: The Great Hill Tunnel Pipeline Restoration project.

In late 2017, RWA detected a major leak in a critical transmission system known as the Great Hill Tunnel and Pipeline. This system transports raw water from RWA’s largest reservoir to the Lake Gaillard Water Treatment Plant, which supplies an average of 32 million gallons of water daily to more than 265,000 customers. Making the necessary Great Hill Tunnel system repairs required the creation of a temporary bypass system so water continued to flow from Lake Gaillard to the treatment facility. While the temporary bypass was in use, permanent repairs were made to the pipe and tunnel system. Despite a harsh winter in 2018, repairs to the permanent system were completed in just five months.

The pump lineup at Lake Gaillard shoreline

Tighe & Bond’s role included engineering support and construction phase services associated with the Great Hill Tunnel Temporary Bypass System. The scope of work included assistance with the application for RWA’s Representative Policy Board (RPB) and its subsequent approval and assistance with oversight of the design and construction of the temporary bypass system.

Representatives from ACEC/CT stated, “We were impressed by the team’s solution to temporarily maintain water supply to the treatment plant which required an innovative technical approach as well as complex negotiation with the adjacent property owner.  We were also intrigued by how the team pieced together the story that led to the cause and correction of the underlying problem dating back to an inspection that occurred some 40 years earlier.”

The quick and successful completion of this project kept everyone safe – and resulted in no water quality or service interruptions. Plus, the tunnel and pipeline no longer leak (a big benefit to the environment), and drinking water is no longer being wasted. Despite numerous project challenges, teamwork, cooperation, and innovative thinking among the half a dozen companies involved were essential to the successful completion of the project.

Tighe & Bond was also honored alongside CDM Smith, Inc. with an Engineering Excellence Award for the redesign of Hebron Avenue with two modern roundabouts in the Town of Glastonbury, Connecticut. This project was in development by the town since 2014, and Tighe & Bond conducted a roundabout feasibility study for the Hebron Avenue corridor. Tighe & Bond supported the town throughout the study phase making several presentations on the project benefits to the Town Council. Under the design phase, Tighe & Bond provided comprehensive roadway design services that focused on the House Street and Hebron Avenue modern roundabout.

The design of the roundabouts has improved access and pedestrian mobility along the corridor and the town has experienced a significant drop in collisions at both roundabouts. The project has changed the character and aesthetics of the Hebron Avenue corridor, which serves as a gateway into the town’s business and restaurant district.