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Saugerties Landfill Solar Array Cuts Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions














In March 2019 the Town Council of Saugerties, NY unanimously approved the reuse of the Town’s landfill to provide an economic benefit for the town. At that time, the town’s annual electrical consumption was 1,888,000 kilowatt hours which generated 590 tons of greenhouse gases.1 Determined to reduce energy cost and emissions, the new project used the capped Saugerties landfill as the location for a new 2.8-megawatt solar project.

Tighe & Bond worked alongside our client, CS Energy, as 7,000 new solar modules were installed in just 3 months. Our team provided several services for the project including permitting, site civil design, and construction administration. We provided design services for installing additional stormwater systems outside of the limits of the landfill to improve site drainage while avoiding impacts to the landfill cap.  Tighe & Bond’s design approach eliminated modification to the landfill permit issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

The Town has an agreement to purchase 40 percent of the project’s energy generation, approximately 800,000 kilowatt-hours, and provides power to 80 percent of the town’s facilities. The rest of the generated electricity is sold to around 150 homes and businesses throughout Saugerties. Based on similar municipal solar developments, residents are expected to see an approximately 10% reduction in energy costs.