Wilkesbarre Pier West Breasting Dolphin

Project Highlights

  • Design of a New Breasting Dolphin
  • Bathymetric Survey
  • Prepared Plans and Specifications for Permitting
  • Bidding and Construction Phase Services

Sprague Operating Resources, LLC (Sprague) retained our team to design a new breasting dolphin located at the Wilkesbarre Pier in East Providence, RI. The dolphin will be used to safely berth Panamax-class sized vessels at the Pier.

As part of the preliminary design phase, we completed a high-resolution bathymetric survey, including side-scan sonar, and observed an underwater dive inspection in order to locate potential obstructions (e.g., abandoned piles, riprap, etc.) in the area of the proposed dolphin. A deep soil boring was also performed to characterize the subsurface conditions.

Using the data collected during the fieldwork described above, the project team completed an alternatives evaluation to compare two dolphin alternatives, including a steel mono-pile option and a pile-supported concrete dolphin option. Based on the Alternatives Evaluation, the Owner elected to proceed with the pile-supported concrete dolphin option.

We completed a detailed design of the dolphin and its cell fender system, prepared Plans and Specifications for Permitting, and provided Bidding and Construction Phase Services. Construction was completed in 2019.

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