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Mattabassett Regionalization Project Hits Final Milestone

Decommissioning of Middletown Wastewater Treatment Facility

A final project walkthrough was recently conducted at the former Middletown Wastewater Treatment Plant as the decommissioning of the facility comes to a close. This walkthrough was the final phase of Tighe & Bond’s involvement over the past seven years helping the City to accomplish its goal of regionalized wastewater treatment. Sewer flow from the City of Middletown is now pumped to the Mattabassett District Treatment Plant via a new wastewater pumping station capable of pumping flows of 26 MGD.  Building the award-winning Francis T. Patnaude Intermunicipal Pumping Station was the most economic solution for the City while also ensuring the protection of nearby bodies of water. The City received Clean Water funding from the CTDEEP for this work as well as bonding approved by City residents over several referendums.

The City’s Planning, Conservation, and Development Department is in the process of reuse planning for this decommissioned property as part of Riverfront Revitalization efforts.  Working under the City’s EPA Brownfield Program, Tighe & Bond will be providing additional services in support of reuse planning for this important riverfront site.

Left to Right: Devin Darley (Middletown Water Department), Matt Garneau (Tighe & Bond), Amy Vaillancourt (Tighe & Bond), Fred Mueller (Tighe & Bond), Joe Fazzino (Director Water/Sewer Department), Philip Pessina (Mattabassett Regionalization Project Building Committee Chairman), Elise McDermott (Mattabassett Regionalization Project Building Committee), James Mastroianni (Fire Marshall), Jason Hurlbut (Deputy Fire Marshall), Brian Robillard (Chief Engineer Water/Sewer Department), Brian Gartner (WPCA Commissioner), Joe Samolis (Director of Planning, Conservation, and Development) and David Bauer (Mattabassett Regionalization Project Building Committee)