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Join Us at the Annual MWUA Conference

The Maine Water Utilities Association is virtually hosting its 95th Annual Tradeshow and Conference. Join our engineers from February 2-4 as they present on a variety of topics from biological iron and manganese treatment to watershed improvements. Take a look at their presentations below and learn more about the conference here.

Blanchard Pond Watershed Improvements

Speaker: Heather Doolittle

Abstract: Blanchard Pond, a historical farm pond, was recently identified as a potentially significant source of phosphorus to Lake Auburn, the unfiltered surface water supply for the cities of Lewiston and Auburn. This session will present findings from a recent watershed study of Blanchard Pond including watershed characterization, nutrient loading, remediation strategies, and benchmarking Blanchard Pond to other parts of the Lake Auburn Watershed.

Unidirectional Flushing Modeling Updates

Speaker: Heather Doolittle

Abstract: Unidirectional Flushing is a method of distribution system flushing that sequentially closes and opens valves to generate high flow velocities in water mains targeted for cleaning. Unidirectional flushing provides a deeper clean than conventional flushing due to the scour that occurs from the higher velocity flow, while also conserving water through targeted hydrant and valve operations. This talk will provide an introduction to unidirectional flushing and discuss how hydraulic models are used to optimize unidirectional flushing programs.

Using the EPANet Multi-Species Extension to DBPs in Multi-Source Distribution Systems

Speaker: John N. McClellan

Abstract: The use of the EPANet Multi-Species Extension software to model disinfection byproducts and chlorine in large water distribution systems with multiple sources will be discussed.  The presentation will include examples and discussion of challenges encountered, results, and lessons learned.

Biological Iron and Manganese Treatment – Pilot Study and Plant Data

Speakers:  Lou Soracco, Mary Danielson

Abstract: The presentation will review biological iron and manganese treatment systems and present pilot study and plant data from multiple facilities operating in New England. The talk will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these systems and lessons learned.