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Improving the Environment One Project at a Time

Ellie Petraccione’s Career Trajectory at Tighe & Bond

By Alyson Locke

Environmental Scientist Ellie Petraccione started her education in the medical field planning to become a physician’s assistant, but when she enrolled in an environmental issues and sustainability class she quickly changed her career goals. Ellie began her career with a job more focused on the office work of Environmental Science but soon began searching for a role where she could be in the field.

In November 2021, Ellie found her place at Tighe & Bond, where she has been able to fulfill her love for fieldwork and has excelled in her role being promoted after less than 2 years with the firm. Ellie’s main role is to perform site assessment and remediation activities, but she also works closely with Tighe & Bond’s Water Business Line. Ellie took on a dual role between the Environment and Water sectors because of her background as a Research Fellow for the Hudson River Foundation which works to restore and sustain the Hudson River and its watershed.

A few times a week Ellie heads out of the office to sample soil on projects to make sure it is meeting the required state and residential standards, and to check for any harmful oils or chemicals. She assists in identifying the nature and extent of contamination and evaluates the effectiveness of response actions to achieve remedial objectives for the site. While working with the water group she performs visual infrastructure inspections, field-screening of water quality parameters, and associated reporting.

Ellie is part of the 24-hour Emergency Response (ER) team for Massachusetts utility providers. This includes observation of site remediation activities including sampling of potentially contaminated soil, groundwater, surface water, and sediment. She also prepares the associated Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) reports. The diversity of her role within Tighe & Bond means she is an asset to our clients and plays a critical part in projects improving the environment.

“You get to choose where you want to take your career at Tighe & Bond and are supported on your journey to becoming a well-rounded professional. Tighe & Bond is more than just the day-to-day work; I am encouraged daily to be the best version of myself and to pursue my passions and goals,” says Ellie.

She regularly participates in a variety of volunteer organizations such as Earthwise Aware, where she hikes and surveys the ecosystem by monitoring plants, wildlife, vernal pools, and the overall health of the environment. She documents everything she sees from animals and insects, to how people are using the hiking trails.

Ellie is also currently applying to graduate schools for a civil engineering degree with the goal of becoming an Environmental Engineer to further advance her career here at Tighe & Bond. As she grows her career, she is continuing to learn from her peers and mentors in the industry and pursuing more participation opportunities in the New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) and the Licensed Site Professionals Association (LSPA).