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Engineers Week: Projects Impacting Communities

For Engineers Week (February 19-25) we asked Tighe & Bond staff to share how the projects they lead have a positive long-term impact on communities. We recognize this annual celebration in order to spread the word about what engineers do to make our world a better place and encourage the next generation to pursue future STEM careers.

“I have been a part of projects that provide access to clean drinking water, improve coastal infrastructure to combat sea level rise, and improve social connections by creating functional community spaces.” – Maggie Fillion, Staff Engineer


“We are designing a bridge replacement in Gardener, MA, which is the only access point into a residential community. The proposed bridge provides greater hydraulic capacity, increasing resiliency in the face of climate change, and will provide reliable access to its residents.” – Sebastian Sak, Staff Engineer 


“The Mt. Williams Dam rehabilitation project in North Adams, MA is improving the dams original function, flood control, and the local and regional economy.” – Sadia Salam, Staff Engineer