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Engineers Week: How Engineers Make An Impact On Their Greater Community

For Engineers Week, we are speaking to members of our technical staff to learn how engineering has a profound impact on communities. Founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers in 1951, Engineers Week is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers.1

Take a look at the insights from our experts!

“Engineers work with clients to obtain a good understanding of their needs and objectives and then design a project that is a balance of feasible, functional, economical and environmentally friendly.  Many projects have significant environmental and/or human health components to them, therefore having impacts on the greater community.”Project Manager Jaclyn Caceci, PE, LEED AP



“It is incredibly fulfilling to see the real-world impact of your work on the local community. Living and working in Western Massachusetts, I can’t go far without driving by a project that I was involved in. The most rewarding part of my job is watching projects progress from conceptual ideas to city streetscapes, energy-efficient buildings, or sources of renewable energy that become functional, permanent parts of the community.” Aaron Sabbs, PE



“Engineers are privileged to help our neighbors, families, and friends to meet basic needs like clean water, waste disposal, and roadways. I’m honored to also be part of a community of people who strive towards reducing our impact on our treasured resources and environment.” Jennifer Gilbert, PE




“Engineers plan, design, and oversee construction for the infrastructure that makes modern civilization possible, while protecting the natural environment.”Project Manager Dan Valentine, PE