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April Doroski Named A Certified Professional Soil Scientist

By Regina Sibilia

Tighe & Bond Environmental Scientist April Doroski has been named a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS) by the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) Soils Certifying Board.

To obtain a CPSS certification, professionals need to meet rigorous requirements for exams, experience, education, and ethics. Through this certification, April has deep knowledge of a vast array of soil-related topics including:

  • Soil chemistry
  • Soil morphology and classification
  • Field and laboratory analysis techniques

With CPSS credentials, April can work closely with clients across the Northeast and especially within states that require a Soil Scientist to determine and delineate wetlands based on soil characteristics. She has already used her soils knowledge to identify hydric soils for wetland delineations, prepare wetland mitigation plans, identify and monitor active construction sites for erosion and sedimentation, and prepare environmental permits.

April has always had a passion for nature and especially examining and interpreting soils. While pursuing her degree at Penn State she competed in Collegiate Soil Judging Competitions. Known to her teammates as Ap-ril (a little soil horizon joke for all you experts out there) she became both regionally and nationally ranked throughout her collegiate career. She has also co-authored papers published in peer review journals including Wetlands and Soil Biology and Biochemistry.

As she continues to pursue her interest in soil science, she hopes to participate in a training program to become a Massachusetts Soil Evaluator to better support engineering projects with septic tanks or stormwater systems.