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A Spotlight on Our LGBTQIA+ Subcommittee

In honor of Pride Month, we’re proud to celebrate and recognize our LGBTQIA+ Subcommittee (part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Committee) members who help execute our DE&I plan towards the goal of fostering an inclusive environment for all within our firm and industry. 

We asked some of our subcommittee members why they joined, what goals they have, and what upcoming initiatives they’re most excited about: 


Haley Rivers (She/They) 

I wanted to help dismantle the preconception that topics related to gender and sexuality don’t belong in the workplace and advocate for ways to promote inclusivity that would benefit the community and culture at Tighe & Bond. I’m excited for the in-person event that we are going to host in September during Worcester Pride. It’s gratifying to lead an event that allows us to sponsor local organizations’ efforts, provide an opportunity to celebrate one another, and foster a sense of community in the workplace. 


Chris Astephen (He/Him) 

A coworker knew how much I enjoy getting involved in mission-driven committees and suggested I join an upcoming subcommittee meeting to see if it was a good fit. Seeing my fellow committee members working toward the mission of making our company a more inclusive and welcoming space, while having a laugh every now and then, was all I needed to sign on. I hope to help elevate the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community to ensure we are creating inclusive spaces for everyone at our firm. One of my favorite initiatives we’ve done previously that I am excited to get on the schedule again is our “get to know each other” roundtable! It’s a fun way we get to know more about our vast personal interests and what keeps us going. Those moments always make me feel grateful and glad to work somewhere that is so supportive of what we do together. 


Zach Weiland (He/Him) 

I joined the LGBTQIA+ subcommittee because I had experience working on the executive board of my college’s LGBTQ+ student organization. I wanted to continue this advocacy  at my place of work and to help contribute to Tighe & Bond’s community. I am excited to organize and host educational events such as the Pride Month/Juneteenth trivia lunch and DE&I roundtable discussions. 


Amber Boles (She/Her) 

I joined the LGBTQIA+ Subcommittee to help Tighe & Bond identify actions that the company can take to promote LGBTQIA+ allyship and build a stronger internal community. Tighe & Bond’s Core Values include Respect and Safety, and I believe we need to be proactive to create a workplace where all employees feel safe and respected being their authentic selves.  This year, I am excited about sponsoring an O-STEM scholarship as well as in-person Pride events.