DeCordova Museum

Project Highlights

  • Boston Society of Architects Merit Award, 2007
  • Transformed Landscape into Legible Setting for Outdoor Sculpture
  • Redesigned Arrival Sequence
  • Improved Safety and Visitor Experience

“A Place for Sculpture: New England’s Largest Sculpture Park is Transformed.” – Landscape Architecture Magazine

DeCordova, home of a nationally known art museum and museum school, displays contemporary sculpture over 35 acres of open space, attracting museum visitors, naturalists and picnickers alike.

In a series of bold and subtle strokes, Halvorson transformed a popular, yet problematic, landscape into an elegant, safe, legible setting for outdoor sculpture.

Arriving on a re-aligned main drive, visitors are now gracefully oriented to the grounds and museum building before they reach the parking lot.

Equally important, once-dangerous pedestrian/vehicular traffic conflicts were eliminated to minimize the impact cars have on the visitor experience.

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