Canada Pond Dam

Project Highlights

  • Design of Dam Repairs
  • Dive Inspection of Dam Gates
  • Video Inspection of Primary Low-Level Outlet Discharge Pipe
  • Subsurface Investigation
  • Construction Phase Services

Our team was retained by the City of Providence, Department of Public Works (the City) to design repairs to the existing low-level outlet structure at the Canada Pond Dam in Providence, RI.

The City received a RIDEM Notice of Violation (NOV) citing an inoperable low-level outlet at the 350-foot-long concrete gravity retaining wall and earth embankment dam. To address the NOV, concrete repairs were required in order to install a new stainless-steel sluice gate, operator, and operating platform.

In order to facilitate the design of the repairs, we completed a dive inspection of the existing gates and the upstream face of the dam and a video inspection of the primary 30” low-level outlet discharge pipe. Our team also performed a subsurface investigation, including barge-based soil borings and driven soil probes on the upstream side of the dam.

Our engineers designed repairs to address the NOV and other deficiencies found during the dive inspection including, but not limited to, partial depth concrete repairs of the upstream and downstream faces of the low-level outlet structure; replacement of the concrete gate operator platform; cleaning and slip-lining the existing 30” low-level outlet pipe; installing a new stainless steel sluice gate and operator; and installing scour protection on the upstream side of the low-level outlet pipe.

We prepared the RIDEM Permit Application for the project, Plans & Specifications for Bidding and Construction, and the Engineer’s Estimate to complete the work; and provided Bidding Assistance and Construction Phase Services.

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