Troy Barry, M.S. P.Eng

Principal Engineer/Fluvial Geomorphologist

“I enjoy that I get a chance to make a difference on anthropogenic effects in our watersheds and mentor the next generation of restoration engineers.”

Troy is a stream restoration specialist with backgrounds in civil engineering, watershed science, stream ecology, and fluvial geomorphology. He possesses a broad range of science and engineering skills to assess, investigate, and design restoration, enhancement, and recovery solutions for degraded riparian, lake, riverine, and estuary environments. His project experience includes coastal erosion research, coastal resiliency, living shoreline, streambank restoration and stabilization, restoration of natural hydrologic and physical processes, and hydromorphic assessments throughout the United States and Canada.

Utilizing a function-based framework approach, Troy strongly believes a combination and application of hydrology & hydraulics, fluvial geomorphology, watershed response, and physiochemical processes are all key to restoration and bioengineering projects. Troy works on basin-wide actions to assess and develop solutions related to in-stream flow and coastal process that promote refugia, complex habitat structures and sediment balance.

Troy has achieved Level I, II and III certifications from Dr. Rosgen’s Research and Education Center for River Studies. He is USFS certified in Aquatic Organism Passage design. Troy has worked throughout New England from headwater streams to urban rivers, to the coastal plains including designs for living shoreline and coastal resiliency.

His body of work includes coastal erosion research and publication in New England with GBNERR, MGS and NOAA. He developed the native ecotone planting guide and shoreline erosion assessment protocol for the coast MGS. He has worked with agencies developing assessment and design guidelines for watershed issues ranging from stormwater green infrastructure, stream restoration and living shoreline bioengineering. He also worked on several freshwater and tidal road-stream crossing projects associated with AOP and tidal flushing issues with DEP/DES in the region.

Life Outside of Work

You will find him exploring with his kids: Floating and wading rivers with a fly rod, climbing and skiing peaks in the mountains, or riding single track on his mountain bike.

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