Ron Maniscalco, PE

Senior Engineer

“There is always a solution. In fact there are always multiple solutions. The excitement comes from finding the best solution for each project.”

Ron Maniscalco is an electrical engineer with more than 28 years of experience in electrical and telecommunication design for both public and private projects. His experience includes power distribution, on-site power generation, lighting, telecommunications, instrumentation, and control designs.

Ron has performed evaluations for capital improvement projects, energy conservation studies, utility interconnect diagrams for wind and solar farms, and countless emergency and standby generator designs. His portfolio includes many schools, universities, hospitals, industries, military and government facilities, transportation and infrastructure, water resources, and wastewater treatment projects. He also has designed many high end retail establishments, including department stores, jewelry stories, and LEGO outlets across North America.

Life Outside of Work

Ron is a classic geek in every sense of the word. He loves reading non-fiction, board games, and collecting kosher hechshers. He volunteers in the local public and parochial middle schools, and is also the President of Sinai Temple Springfield. However, on weekends and on nights with a full moon, he can be seen at local hockey games as an off-ice official for the American Hockey League. And afterwards sipping craft beers at the local Irish pub.