Michael Martin

Senior Project Manager

Michael Martin is part of Tighe & Bond’s Site Assessment and Remediation group with 21 years of experience, focusing on site assessment, remediation, demolition and soil waste and soil recycling facility permitting. Mr. Martin’s environmental project experience includes managing various waste streams (soil, construction and demolition debris, construction dewatering) under the MassDEP Solid Waste Regulations, RCRA, TSCA and DPH regulations. He currently serves as Tighe & Bond’s Community of Practice (COP) Regulated Materials Management Chair and leadings discussions on current industry regulations and policies reforms. Mike’s experience managing projects under the MCP and Solid Waste Regulations has allowed him to develop a unique skill set for managing excess materials on behalf of generators as well as the permitting of receiving facilities.

Outside of Work

Outside of work Mike enjoys spending time cooking, swimming and going on hikes with his wife and two dogs.