Medhi Begag, EIT

Staff Engineer

“Since joining Tighe & Bond, I have met countless dedicated and knowledgeable individuals that have done their best to incorporate me into the firm and its projects. I always feel I can ask anyone for help and this helps instill a confidence in me to provide quality work for our clients.”

Mehdi Begag is an Environmental Engineer with experience in environmental site assessment, remediation planning and oversight, and technical report writing. As a Staff Engineer, Mehdi has conducted soil and groundwater sampling, oversight of remedial activities, and provided general field support for a wide range of environmental projects. He has experience in the collection of soils, vapors, and groundwater along with performing remediation oversight of contaminated soils. Mehdi also has experience in emergency response oversight for reportable and non-reportable hazardous spills. Mehdi attended the University of Connecticut and graduated in Spring 2020 with honors in Environmental Engineering.

Life outside of work

Outside of Tighe & Bond, Mehdi enjoys watching and cheering for all of the Boston sport teams. He also plays soccer and basketball with his friends on the weekend, and will not turn down a hike at the Purgatory Chasm State Reservation or other state parks.