Julia Kallmerten

Staff Engineer

“Evaluating and designing coastal structures requires a unique approach that considers tides, wave action, storm surges, and the effect salt water has on materials. Each project has been different and challenging, pushing me to find unique and complex solutions that have proven to be very rewarding.”

Julia Kallmerten is a key member of the coastal design team at Tighe & Bond focusing on coastal and waterfront engineering and designing coastal structures from sea walls and timber piers to wharves. She has experience in site/civil engineering, structural design and analysis, wave mechanics, corrosion and marine structure deterioration, stormwater management, utilities design, construction observation, and permitting for numerous projects throughout New England. Julia has also presented on Dover New Hampshire’s Central Falls retaining wall project at an ASCE event.

Life Outside of Work:

Outside of work, you can find Julia capturing landscape photography while spending time outdoors with her fiancé and dog. She enjoys hiking, canoeing, skiing, scuba diving, and also actively participates in a co-ed ultimate frisbee team and a recreational soccer league. Julia is also able to volunteer her time with Engineers Without Borders and frequently participates in community 5Ks.