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How Following Scheduled Preventive Maintenance on Water Utility Equipment Reduces Costs, Improves Services

This article published in InFlow-Line (the magazine by the Connecticut Section American Water Works and the Connecticut Water Works Association), examines how following scheduled preventative maintenance on water utility equipment can reduce costs and improve service.

Many utilities work on razor-thin margins, squeezed between rising costs and customers’ reluctance to accept rate increases. A leak in a major pipeline, broken pump, or other major expense can put the utility into crisis mode. Conventional wisdom is to force maintenance costs as low as possible. Yet, experience at the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC), serving the greater Hartford area, has found that scheduled preventive maintenance, backed by effective use of a Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS), can make costs more predictable, prevent crises, and reduce costs over the long term. You can read the article here.

About the authors: Carlos Cruz is Manager of Maintenance at The Metropolitan District serving the Hartford CT area; Elizabeth Baldwin, P.E., is a Vice President at Tighe & Bond.

InFlow-Line is published on behalf of CTAWWA and CWWA by Craig Kelman & Associates