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Despite Ongoing Debate Over Regulation of Stormwater in Mass., Communities Should Begin Work Under New Small MS4 General Permit

Two of our stormwater experts – Emily Scerbo, P.E. and Jennie Moonan, P.E. – made the front page of the latest ACEC/MA Insights newsletter when they weighed in on stormwater regulations and the new Small MS4 General Permit.

Later this year, communities in Massachusetts will be required to submit their Notices of Intent (NOI) to apply for coverage under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permits for Stormwater Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems in Massachusetts. This permit regulates the discharge of stormwater pollutants through the municipal drainage system and prescribes the ways in which cities and towns must minimize stormwater pollution.

This article reviews the status of these ongoing challenges to the Small MS4 General Permit program, how and when these legal issues might be settled, and what course of action is advisable for regulated cities and towns at this time. Click ACEC Insights Winter 2017 to read more.